Service charter

Service charter

SEGAI provides a wide range of services which have different costs associated. In general terms, the support activities provided covers:

  • Test-analysis.
  • Research and Teaching technological support, provided through the rental of equipment and facilities (operating rooms or laboratories).
  • Technology consulting.
  • These services can be required by:

  • Internal users: Scholarly University Teachers and researchers who belong to research groups, Departments or Institutes of the University.
  • External users: Professionals who belong to public or private institutions.
  • This group is divided into:

  • Account holder users: These users are able to authorise bills and receipt payments. Internal account holder users are researchers in charge of active projects which are financed through public or private contributions or Institute or Departments directors working at the University of La Laguna. External account holders are agents of both private companies and other entities.
  • Authorised users: Are those who are approved by the account holder user to ask for services but who cannot authorise payments.
  • Shall an account holder user be interested in the services provided by SEGAI, the first step shall be to register at SEGAI´s Integrated Management System. They will have to fill in not only their personal data but also the type of service charge. This payment will be made by a research project, a Department or Institute budget or by external entities. The last step is to create an Activation Form which shall be printed, signed and sent to the SEGAI´s Administrative Service. The account holder user will be capable of activating or cancelling authorised users. Once confirmation has been made via e-mail, the user will be able to fill in the Request of Service Application Form using the web page.

    Staff working at each service will perform each request and will provide a result report. Once the user confirms the request, the Administration Department will transact the payment with the Accounts Department.

    The Service Request is guaranteed by a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard which has been certified by AENOR.

    Certified Services:

  • Animal Holding Facilities.
  • Phonetics Laboratory.
  • X-Ray Difraction Integrated Service.
  • Service of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for Biomedic Research.
  • Genetics Service.
  • Electronics Service.

  • Universidad de La Laguna - SEGAI (Servicio General de Apoyo a la Investigación)

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